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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world realized that supply chains are fragile and can have significant national strategic implications, especially at a time when geopolitical competition is on the rise.

Recent attacks on shipping in the Red Sea further show that the pre-pandemic world, where supply chains were largely undisrupted and efficient, is unlikely to return. These developments have enabled a widespread reevaluation of the global wave of outsourcing that began in the 1990s. Today, the term "supply chain" is an all-encompassing catchphrase spanning international trade, logistics and manufacturing in the context of both corporate operations and national economic security.

It is a broad topic, but S&P Global has the advantage of drawing on deep expertise across the enterprise to frame major themes and offer a glimpse of the future.

For this inaugural issue of Look Forward: Supply Chain, we tapped into the knowledge of multiple specialists in areas such as labor, mobility, geopolitics, decarbonization, shipping and international trade to present a series of articles that delve beyond the headlines and provide critical insights to our customers worldwide. Our deep dive into electric vehicles and batteries is a great example of how technology and geopolitics are reshaping global supply chains.

At S&P Global, we recognize that the world is in a state of transition and growing increasingly complex every day, which is reflected in the new risks associated with supply chains. We aim to go beyond what is expected and seek new levels of understanding to help companies, governments and individuals make an impact on tomorrow. This report is a product of that commitment, and we hope it will be of value to our readers.

S&P Global Mobility

Edouard Tavernier

President, S&P Global Mobility

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S&P Global Commodity Insights

Co-chair, S&P Global Research Council and Co-lead, Look Forward Journal India

Atul Arya, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist

S&P Global Ratings

Co-chair, S&P Global Research Council

Alexandra Dimitrijevic

Global Head of Research & Development

S&P Global Ratings

Sponsor, S&P Global Research Council

Martina L. Cheung

President, S&P Global Ratings

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Co-lead, Look Forward: Supply Chain 2024

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Vice President, Maritime & Trade

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Co-lead, Look Forward: Supply Chain 2024

Chris Brooks

Executive Editor, Maritime & Trade

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Co-lead, Look Forward: Supply Chain 2024

Chris Rogers

Head of Supply Chain Research

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mayank Agarwal

Principal Analyst, Ship Characteristics

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Carlos Cardenas

Research and Analysis Executive Director

S&P Global Mobility

Graham Evans

Director, Electrification Technology Research, Automotive Supply Chain & Technology

S&P Global Ratings

Vittoria Ferraris

Managing Director & Sector Lead Autos EMEA

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Mark Fontecchio

Research Analyst

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Diego Iscaro

Senior Economist, Europe Economics

S&P Global Mobility

Calum MacRae

Director, Supply Chain and Technology

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Turloch Mooney

Product Management Associate Director, Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Kevin Murphy

Senior Analyst

S&P Global Ratings

Elijah Oliveros-Rosen

Emerging Markets Chief Economist

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Andrew Palmer

Managing Direct Methodologies COE

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Jose Perez-Gorozpe

Head of Credit Research Emerging Markets

S&P Global Ratings

Vishrut Rana

Asia-Pacific Economist

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Yacine Rouimi

Principal Economist

S&P Global Ratings

David Tesher

Head of Credit Research, North America

S&P Global Ratings

Bruce Thomson

Director, Global Social Specialist, Sustainability Research

S&P Global Commodity Insights

Chris To

Managing Editor, Global Container Markets

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Ashima Tyagi

Economics Associate Director, Pricing & Purchasing

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Ken Wattret

Vice-President, Global Economics

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