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Artificial Intelligence Insights

The advancement of generative AI is equally important to economic development as other major trends. We aim to provide this information in three parts: AI Fundamentals, AI Applications, and AI Governance & Regulation.

Next in Tech

Define your digital roadmap. Weekly podcasts featuring specialists from across the S&P Global MarketIntelligence research team offer deep insights into what’s new and what’s next in technology, industries and companies as they design and implement digital infrastructure.

Technology & Media

Technological disruption is the driving change agent for businesses, their competitive and industrial dynamics, and capital markets that fund growth. Media—including broadcast, cable, cinema, OTT, and telecom—is creating the culture and information channels of the future.

Cyber Risk

In an increasingly digital world, the growing frequency of cyberattacks is a concern for companies worldwide.


Look Forward: Multidimensional Transition

Energizing innovation: Exploring AI’s impact on the energy industry

Energy companies are embracing advances in AI as they navigate the opportunities and challenges of the energy transition.


Start your engines and drive your decision-making to your destination with observations and insights from our global automotive industry experts on the market’s technology, production, product strategies, sales, and marketing.en.