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Global Trade Activity

The global economy has never been so connected—nor so prone to disruption. Geopolitics, international events, extreme weather, and supply chain pressures can cause ripple effects across countries and industries.

Maritime & Trade Talk

From risk and compliance to global supply chain, our podcast provides in-depth discussions and actionable insights with top industry experts and guests from the maritime, trade, and supply chain industry.

Supply Chains

While much of the world is rebounding from the COVID-19 crisis’ economic downturn, global supply chains are facing continuing pressures from changes in consumption patterns, surging demand for goods, shortages of workers, and pre-existing political pressures.

Maritime & Shipping

The inhibiting effects of region’s varying coronavirus conditions have been transmitted globally through trade relations—and are evident in maritime and shipping prices and processes.

Look Forward: Supply Chain 2024

Look Forward: Supply Chain 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the concept of supply chains from narrowly defined operational systems within companies to a new framework for the manufacturing and distribution of goods defined less by operational and cost efficiencies and more by alignment with national interest and geopolitical competition.


Geopolitical tensions are surging and core inflation is expected to move higher. The U.S. Federal Reserve and other major central banks around the world are preparing to tighten monetary policy, banks’ liquidity may be reduced and financing conditions could worsen.