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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industries are having to learn to adapt in a world that's pushing for cleaner energy, facing geopolitical tensions and supply chain pressures, and experiencing high prices.

Oil Markets

S&P Global Commodity Insights analysis of key oil price movements across the globe.

Energy Transition

The heightened urgency of the climate crisis has accelerated calls to action for the global energy industry to shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption—including oil, natural gas, and coal—to renewable energy sources.

Metals & Mining

Metals markets have watched prices move sharply higher as geopolitical tensions weigh on the availability of palladium, aluminum, nickel, and other key commodities.

Look Forward: Multidimensional Transition

The global energy system has been in continuous transition for centuries, but it is the current transition that has everyone talking.


Geopolitical tensions are surging and core inflation is expected to move higher. The U.S. Federal Reserve and other major central banks around the world are preparing to tighten monetary policy, banks’ liquidity may be reduced and financing conditions could worsen.


The chemicals market, which involves the oil, midstream, downstream, and renewable fuel sectors, is set to experience rapid change due to changing economic conditions spurred by the pandemic and a new world aspiring to carbon neutrality.