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Building platforms and processes to meet our customers’ needs

From developing enterprise technology solutions to deploying generative AI, S&P Global leverages its rich legacy of innovation and discovery. We provide insights and research on AI’s growing impact on economic development as well as solutions that address the fundamentals, applications, and governance and regulation.

What can you use our capabilities for?

Proprietary and Differentiated Data

Proprietary and Differentiated Data

Ensure optimal results by leveraging S&P Global's proprietary and differentiated data for use in customer or third-party AI models or applications.

AI-derived Market Insights

AI-derived Market Insights

Spend less time managing data and more time delivering critical insights to accelerate decision-making across your organization.

Domain-specific Generative AI

Domain-specific Generative AI

Build a focused approach to data creation and management with generative AI that is unique to your specific domain to address challenges across regulations, credit & risk, ESG, climate risk, private markets and supply chains.

Optimize Business Processes

Optimize Business Processes

Utilize S&P Global’s proven software, platforms, and managed technology services to enhance workflows, increase efficiency and streamline your organizations most complicated processes.

Accelerating Progress for Critical Industries

We’ll partner with you to overcome your data and technology challenges, such as:

  • Manual or limited-use traditional natural language processing (NLP) tool-enabled processes which aren’t scalable.
  • Having to gather data points from multiple sources of structured and unstructured datasets to produce analytical reports and pitch books.
  • Relying on non-tabular unstructured data sources such as expert network calls to identify potential targets and conduct due diligence.
  • Difficulty finding high-quality textual data sources that are machine-readable and/or tabular datasets that are accessible for high-performance, well-documented APIs.

AI-Powered Solutions

World-class AI solutions to discover, extract, link and enrich unstructured data, creating value for users at all levels and roles in an organization.
Unlock insights in hard-to-get-to data, making it accessible, insightful, relevant and, ultimately, transformative.


Whether you’re looking to use Kensho’s solutions on your own data or to leverage the unparalleled breadth, depth and accuracy of S&P Global’s sources, Kensho unlocks insights in hard-to-get-to data, making it accessible, insightful, relevant and ultimately, transformative.

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Technology and AI Case Studies

Explore our case studies to learn how our clients are successfully leveraging innovative technology with KENSHO solutions.


Foundation Models Powering Generative AI: The Fundamentals

Enterprise and Industry Specific Technology Solutions

Technology underpins everything we do at S&P Global and is essential to our ability to deliver the data, analysis and insights our clients rely on. Through a combination of leading-edge innovation and a keen eye on changing markets, we help you apply the power of technology to financial and business decision-making with our enterprise technology services.

Financial Technology Solutions

We empower institutional market participants to achieve operational alpha with industry-leading software solutions and analytics with multiple deployment models, including hosted and managed services options.

451 Research

A technology research solution that provides a holistic view of opportunities and risks across the entire enterprise technology landscape.

Energy and Commodity Solutions

Emerging technologies and analytics techniques keep changing. By embracing new innovative tools and analytical approaches from S&P Global Commodity Insights, you can be at the forefront of trend analysis, enabling you to develop fresh insights and a more comprehensive view of the commodity markets.

Platts Connect

Platts Connect delivers S&P Global Commodity Insights independent price benchmarks, insights and analysis, news, fundamentals data, forecasts, and supply chain dynamics in real-time, anywhere you are via one connected platform.

Platts cFlow

Platts cFlow helps you join up your trading ideas with current, granular vessel location and cargo information to monitor global volumetric trade flow activity to yield actionable, real-time trading and operational intelligence.


Enerdeq provides online access to your proprietary and subscription-based North American Well, Production, Activity, and Rig Activity and Permits data, including more than 5 million well completions and more than 2.5 million production entities.


Vantage provides detailed valuation analysis for upstream oil and gas assets in a powerful online platform.

Mobility Technology Insights

S&P Global Mobility provides the ability to access technology platforms that access a wealth of recognized thought leadership, data, and analysis on a broad spectrum of industry topics and sectors.

Technology and AI Insights

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