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What We Offer


The Essential Intelligence you need, when you need it

We integrate sector-specific and market data with news and analytics to better understand market dynamics.


The big picture and the details, in one place

Our proprietary analysis coupled with customizable data and tools helps put you in the driver's seat, enabling you to steer through complex global markets and seize opportunity.


Meaningful Insights based on relevant information

We aim to source, structure, link, and deliver best-in-class data to you. This data, when combined with our core offerings, creates insights that are leveraged in the decision-making process for asset managers, consultants, corporations, energy utilities and financial institutions around the world.


Unique datasets that tell a deeper story

Our proprietary datasets cover everything from supply chains to ESG performance to private credit markets, providing you with an understanding of market dynamics that delves far below the surface.

Our Expert Solutions


Explore premium fundamental and alternative datasets available seamlessly via Cloud, Data Feed, and API Solutions, along with expert analysis you won't find anywhere else. The S&P Global Marketplace provides data-driven solutions to complement your datasets. Get the best out of your datasets through our range of solutions.

S&P Capital IQ Pro

Access deeper, more meaningful data on the global financial markets, companies, and industries that impact your business. The S&P Capital IQ Pro platform provides proprietary research and in-depth analysis from thought leaders and industry experts and condenses raw data points into actionable intelligence.

We bring transparency and clarity to an everchanging economic landscape.

Our solutions are diverse and far-reaching and share a common purpose to Accelerate Progress through the transformative potential of Essential Intelligence.

Data Analysis Tools

Trusted solutions that let you derive more, unique data from market activities and place it within an actionable context.

Trending Datasets

Wherever your focus, S&P Global gives you the data and analysis you need to act with confidence.

The Right Data in the Right Context is a Competitive Advantage

Get the forecasts and tools to uncover insights and unlock new opportunities.

Learn more about our capabilities