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IOSCO Recommendations for ESG Ratings & Data Providers

IOSCO Recommendations for ESG Ratings Providers and Data Product Providers

S&P Global engaged with the work of IOSCO’s Sustainable Finance Taskforce and appreciates the dialogue this initiative has fostered between policy makers and ESG product providers. We welcome IOSCO’s final recommendations in this space which focus on the promotion of high quality ESG ratings and data products.

As jurisdictions look to implement the IOSCO recommendations through various initiatives at national and regional level S&P Global will continue to contribute to this important dialogue with our insights and views. We believe that consistent implementation of the IOSCO recommendations will support the production of high quality ESG data and rating products and will help to avoid fragmentation across jurisdictions.

Japanese Financial Services Agency’s Code of Conduct for ESG Evaluations and Data Providers

S&P Global engaged with the work of International Organisation of Securities Commission’s (IOSCO) Sustainable Finance Taskforce and welcomed the IOSCO recommendations that Japan seeks to implement. Please see below the separate Statements from S&P Global Ratings and S&P Global Sustainable1.

Securities and Exchange Board of India Regulation for ESG Ratings Providers

Following a review of the SEBI regulation on ESG Rating Providers, S&P Global is taking steps to restrict the provision of ESG scores on Indian companies within scope to users based in India for the purposes outlined by the law and associated guidance. S&P Global Sustainable1 will continue to provide its S&P Global ESG Scores on Indian companies for use cases which are not within scope of the Indian regulation in line with applicable guidance, including for internal use by rated entities and for general use by users based outside of India. S&P Global remains committed to serving the Indian market through its various business offerings.